SPF 285+: May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Celebrated with Solar Gard Window Film’s Revolutionary Sun Protection Technology

One person dies every hour from skin cancer and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is one of the most preventable types of cancer. Solar Gard, the global leader in patented protective film technologies for solar control and surface protection, is answering that call with technology that delivers more than 285 SPF. Its window films offer the ultimate form of protection.

  • With Skin Cancer Awareness Month in full swing and daily sun exposure on the rise, the threat of UV damage increases for people who are both directly and indirectly exposed to the sun’s extreme rays. While applying sunscreen every day is a step in the right direction, sun damage doesn’t just happen at the beach – it can attack while sitting in traffic, at your desk or simply enjoying time at home.
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Solar Gard’s dynamic line of protective films deliver more than 99 percent protection against UVA and UVB rays.

 “Skin cancer is one of the most common and preventable cancers, yet people continue to put themselves and their loved ones at risk during everyday activities. While avoiding direct sun exposure reduces an individual’s risk, day-to-day activities like relaxing inside your home, working by a large window or sitting behind the wheel in rush hour, pose some of the most prominent threats,” said Kendall Combs, General Manager, Thin Films for Solar Gard. “Normal window glass does not properly protect loved ones from this harmful exposure. Solar Gard’s window films deliver the ultimate form of protection and peace of mind for families and businesses everywhere.”

  • Solar Gard’s window films have been trusted to protect some of the nation’s most prominent government buildingsand landmarks from solar, bomb and intrusion threats. From the U.S. Capitol, J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building, and U.S. Institute of Peace, to millions of vehicles on American freeways and school districts across the country, Solar Gard technology has been a quiet, critical factor in reducing the risks of UV exposure and increased chances of developing skin cancer.
  • The film can be installed on all types of windows for maximum UVA and UVB protection without altering a vehicle or building’s appearance and is engineered for scratch resistance, bomb blast mitigation, and intrusion protection. Aside from skin protection, the film also provides sun protection for electronics and reduces fading and discoloration of a vehicle’s upholstery and interior components.

Source: www.solargard.com