Stone Chip Repair


If you have a stone chip in your window, let us fix it for you. It’s fast, convenient and free*

Don't wait until you need your windshield replaced. Get stone chips repaired before they spread. Stone chip repairs are a less costly and effective alternative to replacing damaged windshields.

Stone Chip Repairs:
  • Stop damage from spreading;
  • Restore structural integrity to damaged glass;
  • Improve clarity by 80% or more in damaged area;
  • Environmentally friendly...extends life of the glass;
  • Save money over windshield replacement.

* Stone chip repairs are FREE with most insurance package policies and do not alter premiums. We waive your deductible so there is no cost to you.


Excellent Work

They did excellent work, got a appointment quick and I couldn't believe how inexpensive they were for tinting. I would highly recommend!

Jenn T.