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Auto Glass Tinting

Auto Glass Tinting

For the ultimate in stylish comfort, nothing beats automotive window tinting.

Window film can vary in quality. Installation is dependent on the knowledge and experience of the technicians.

Why choose Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting? We only use superior products. The tint is installed by our own qualified, professional technicians – we never contract work out. We offer a lifetime warranty from defect on all products and services. Why wait any longer! There are many reasons to want automotive tinting, but no matter what reason you choose, you will be thrilled you chose Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting.

Benefits of Auto Glass Tinting

Enhance the Look of Your Vehicle
Automotive window tinting enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides a uniform appearance to your vehicle. You’ve invested a lot in your transportation. Now give it the finishing touch.

Increase Comfort and Savings
Automotive window films reject up to 66 percent of the sun’s heat, reducing the interior temperature in your car or truck. Window films will help your vehicle cool more rapidly, even after hours in the blazing sun. Did you know that you save on gas when your vehicle is cooler? You actually use less gas when you use your air conditioner less.

Reduce Glare & Driver Fatigue
Window Tinting significantly reduces up to 95% of unwanted glare and helps take the strain out of driving. You will appreciate the added comfort and safety it provides the first time you take the wheel after installation.

Block UV Rays
Our automotive window films screen out up to 99 percent of the sun’s invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the principal cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Protect Your Children
Did you know that automotive window film will protect your children from UV rays and uncomfortable heat and glare from the sun? It is a much better option than the common sunshades, which actually provide very little in terms of UV protection and heat reduction.

Reduce Interior Fading
The combination of solar heat and UV rays can cause interior trim, upholstery and carpeting to fade. Because window tinting rejects a significant amount of solar energy and almost 100% of ultraviolet, you can slow down your vehicle’s aging process. Plastic trim parts are less likely to crack and fabrics aren’t as quick to fade…keeping your vehicle looking new, longer.

Increase Safety
Automotive glass is tempered, which means, if it is broken, the glass breaks into hundreds of little pieces. Automotive window film will hold these shards of glass together and lessens the possibility of human injury and interior damage if you are in an accident.

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs
Automotive Window Films can save you money by reducing up to 65% of the sun’s heat, so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. You’ll save fuel and help extend the life of the air conditioning system.

If you want to provide your vehicle with long-lasting quality protection, choose Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting. You will immediately see and feel the difference once our superior automotive window film is applied to your new or used car, truck or SUV.

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