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Windshield Calibration

If you’re wondering what is calibrating a windshield and how it’s required for replacement, you’ve come to the right place. At Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting, we offer complete calibrations on window replacements in-house, which gives us total control over the process.

What is a Windshield Calibration?

As advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have made cars safer over the years, they must be maintained to work efficiently. Features like lane departure warnings and forward collision detection are complicated and delicate technologies.

In order to function safely, an ADAS system relies on sensors, cameras, and other equipment mounted to a car’s windshield. Calibration is a method of adjusting a system and realigning all of the parts.

When a windshield is replaced, the ADAS-related equipment (like cameras and sensors) is removed and then re-attached. A change of just one degree in a camera angle can have a large impact on the vehicle’s viewing area.
This is one reason why we calibrate windshields. It will affect how the car’s ADAS features work and the overall safety of the vehicle.

The calibration process will adjust and test all of the cameras and sensors on the windshield. This is to ensure everything is functioning properly after the windshield has been replaced. Without calibration, the ADAS features can malfunction, which can result in an accident.

Does my Windshield need Calibration?

The simple answer is that any modern vehicle with an advanced driver assistance system will require windshield calibration at some point. For safety and peace of mind, you should always have your windshield recalibrated after every windshield repair and replacement.

In addition to recalibrating after a windshield replacement, the ADAS should also be recalibrated after any disconnect or fault.

How Long Does a Windshield Calibration Take?

A windshield calibration starts with the camera aiming process. Our professionals work with your vehicle’s computer to optimize the camera alignment and ensure every shot is right on point. This entails restoring the system to the manufacturer’s specifications and testing it out to make sure everything has been calibrated correctly.

If a technician is running a dynamic calibration, it may take a little longer. In this testing phase, the vehicle must be driven to recalibrate the camera. First, however, the technician must wait 30 minutes for the windshield to set before the calibration process can begin.

In most cases, an adhesive is used that allows you to drive shortly after installation. Some glues may require up to an hour-long wait for drying. Your technician will let you know exactly what to expect in terms of waiting.

In general, the calibration process takes about 30 to 45 minutes and because we our able to offer this service in-house at Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting, it is completed at the same time as your window replacement. A window replacement can take anywhere from 1-3 hours so anticipate both time frames when scheduling an appointment.

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