Auto Glass Replacement

Leading retailer and installer of auto glass and window tinting.

Auto Glass Replacement

All Vehicle Glass Replacement / Repair.

We replace ALL vehicle glass including windshields, backglass, door glass/vents and stone chips!


Don’t sacrifice your safety…get your windshield repaired or replaced today.
Trust the professionals at Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting. We have over 27 years of experience replacing every type of automotive glass.

Safety First: Windshields are a structural component of today’s vehicles and perform several important functions. Not only does your windshield shield you from the elements, but it also provides support to the roof in a rollover and is necessary for deployment of the passenger-side airbag as it inflates. All makes and model cars are unique. Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting is a Certified Auto Glass Installer. Have your glass installed by a trusted professional.

Did you know:

  • We are Approved by All Insurance Companies – Up to 100% of your Deductible Covered
  • Auto Glass Replacements Will Not Increase your Insurance Premium
  • Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting offers Professional Installation and Repair Service on All Automotive Windows, All Makes and Models.

We Offer:

  • Combining superior products from leading manufacturers with quality workmanship
  •  Lifetime Warranty on all Windshield Replacements and Tinting Services
  •  Providing the highest level of customer service, professionalism and integrity – We do what we say we are going to do: on time and within budget
  •  Hiring qualified professional technicians to complete all work in-house
  •  Offering extremely fast service including expert stone chip repair
  •  IN STOCK: Windshields, Side, and Back Windows
  •  Lowest Price Guarantee on all in-stock windshields
  •  Honouring our military with a 10% discount

Stone Chip Repair


If you have a stone chip in your window, let us fix it for you. It’s fast, convenient and free*
Don’t wait until you need your windshield replaced. Get stone chips repaired before they spread. Stone chip repairs are a less costly and effective alternative to replacing damaged windshields.

Stone Chip Repairs:

  • Stop damage from spreading;
  • Restore structural integrity to damaged glass;
  • Improve clarity by 80% or more in damaged area;
  • Environmentally friendly…extends life of the glass;
  • Save money over windshield replacement.

* Stone chip repairs are FREE with most insurance package policies and do not alter premiums. Your deductible is waived so there is no cost to you.

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