Windows often provide the entry point for break-ins. Within a matter of minutes, a burglar is able to smash a window, enter the building, damage property, snatch valuables and leave undetected before security can arrive.

Repeated break-ins were a costly problem for the Blain Group’s 20,600 square foot (1,914 square meters) multi-tenant commercial property in Michigan. The 130 floor-to-ceiling window panes displayed expensive office equipment to passersby and tempted thieves after hours. Intruders repeatedly broke the tempered windows, entered the building under cover of night and stole valuable computer equipment.

To secure the windows, the Blain Group turned to Solar Gard. During a professional consultation, it was discovered that the expansive panes were more than a security issue, they were also transmitting high amounts of uncomfortable solar heat, putting excessive strain on HVAC units. In just three days, 6,150 square feet (571 square meters) of Solar Gard Armorcoat 8 Mil Silver 35 was installed.

The solar control benefits were immediately evident. Occupants instantly experienced increased comfort as the film rejected 43 percent of total solar energy and HVAC load. Safety capabilities were put to the test when a thief smashed the windows to break in but was denied access. The film’s 8 Mil thickness and strong adhesive collectively held 10 shattered window panes securely in the frame. Armorcoat safety film formed a resilient barrier, and the intruder was forced to flee before attracting unwanted attention.

The Blain Group was spared the expense of costly emergency glass repair and replacing valuable office equipment. After the film was installed, thieves were unable to enter the building and moved on to an easier target – the unprotected commercial property next door. The Blain Group is both impressed with the product’s safety performance and its ability to reduce HVAC load, impacting the company’s bottom line.

“After the 8 Mil film was installed, attempted thieves were unable to enter the building and moved on to an easier target – the unprotected commercial property next door.”

Installation Summary


  • Repeated break-ins
  • Excessive heat and hot spots


Amount of film:

  • 6,150 sq. ft. (571 sq. meters)


  • Secured windows from attempted break-ins
  • Rejected 43% of total solar energy
  • Dramatically reduced heat & glare
  • Reduced HVAC load & utility costs