Auto Glass / Insurance FAQs




How long does it take you to replace my auto glass?
The actual replacement only takes about one hour, but we recommend not driving the vehicle for a couple of hours to ensure full bonding of the sealants. Based on humidity, temperature, and other factors, we’ll give you a safe time to drive away.

Is it dangerous to drive around with a crack in my windshield?
It is important to have windshield cracks repaired right away. Cracks, especially at the edge of the windshield tend to spread very quickly and can compromise the structural integrity of the glass. They can also impair your vision as they spread.

Will my auto sensor windshield wipers still work once my windshield is replaced?
Yes. They will work as they did prior to the windshield being replaced.

Do you offer a warranty?
Flynn Auto Glass and Tinting offers a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects and labour for as long as you own your car.

Do you offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass?
Yes, but not every insurance policy covers OEM Glass, so it is best to check your coverage. We offer a variety of glass, all of which meets or exceeds the original specifications for safety and quality of the glass that came with your vehicle.


How much does a Stone Chip Repair cost?
It is free. And fixing a small stone chip can prevent having to replace an entire window if the chip starts to spread. If you’re getting a chip repaired, you won’t have to pay a deductible. In fact, we will call your insurance company directly and take care of it all for you. Zero cost to you and it will not affect your rates.


Is the cost of windshield replacement covered by insurance?
If you have comprehensive insurance, the cost will be covered. You will have to pay your comprehensive deductible, which is different from your collision deductible. Please check with your insurance representative to find out the amount of your deductible if you are unsure.

Do you bill my insurance company directly or do they reimburse me?
We will bill your insurance company directly, so you don’t have to go through any of the hassle.

Does windshield replacement affect my insurance rates?
No. Insurance is affected by collision claims, not comprehensive claims, which is what windshield replacement falls under.

What if I don’t have insurance glass coverage or choose not to go through my insurance company?
Flynn Auto Glass & Tinting has a Lowest Price Guarantee on all in-stock windshields.

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